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Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Geneology - Trace family tree


fahrmar1 said...

These are so much fun! I tried to do a collage of myself, but the software said that there was no face to scan. Hmm.

fahrmar1 said...

The celebrity collages are so much fun! I tried to do one with a picture of me, but when the software scanned it, it said that there was no face present in the pic. Hmm. Does that mean I am a figment of my own imagination?

Kellie said...

LOL Now wouldn't that be something?! No it just means it isn't a good picture to use, try using a different picture, one where your whole face is showing. I have the same problem with some pictures.

Robin said...

Very cool! I can especially see the Barbara Hershey resemblance. I just did a collage, and I had a 96% match to Beyonce Knowles. I have see some women who use that tool and are most closely matched to men celebs. A woman I know tried it and her closest match was Shaquille O'neal, lol.

Coupons said...

I've most definitely got to try this!

Kellie said...

Yes, Robin, I too have seen the men matches. On different photos I have actually matched to some men myself...he he I did one of my friends and she looked like Albert Einstein. Lol

Thank you for the complement! You are more than welcomed to send me yours and I will post them on my page too.

Take care, Kellie