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Something Important on my mind.

I have had something on my mind for awhile now and I want to share this with anyone who will read this. I am posting a portion of the blog and I hope that you will click on the length and read the rest of it. Please, Please, this is such and important subject, pass it on.... share it with every person who has children.

Protecting Our Children From Sexual Predators

The other day I was flipping channels when I came across The Oprah Winfrey Show, her guests that day were former and current wives of sexual predators. So being a former wife of a sexual predator I decided to watch the show. I had not gone to any group counseling after the horrible incident in our lives so this was the first time being able to have an opportunity to relate to women who had gone through similar situations.

I cried through most of the show as I realized that these women knew exactly how I felt, they had experienced the same thoughts and feelings as I had, for the first time I didn’t feel alone. It's an odd feeling to listen to someone relive an experience they had gone through in their lives and be able to relate so closely to what they went through. Some of the very words and thoughts they shared were so similar to my own thoughts and words it was as if we were talking about the same person and the same experience.

After having watched that show it truly confirms my belief that the signs of a sexual predator are all the same. The situation in which a sexual predator comes to be in a relationship with someone with children is basically the same. These people know the type of person who could fall prey to their kind, they know the right words to say to draw us in, they know what areas in our lives are lacking, they have studied their victims even if they have never met them. Having been a victim I realize that I have a voice and I need to use it to protect other children out there from suffering as my child did at a time when I could not protect her.

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