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I'm officially a grandma!

My son and his fiancee welcomed their first child into the world tonight at 7:27pm. We have a beautiful baby girl who weighs 7lbs. 10ozs. and is 18 1/2 inches long. Momma, daddy and baby girl are all doing wonderful. Tori, my son's fiancee did wonderfully, she looked great and you would have never imagined that she would have just had a baby. The both did a great job today and I am very proud of them! John Daniel is staying at the hospital with them until they come home.

I took alot of video and made a couple pics from the video to share with ya. Here's the first one:
This is me holding the baby.

I actually got her to laugh in this one:

Well that's about it since it's late and I need to head to bed. Have a great one!

Peace out!