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By Golly I had a dream and other things....

I swear the last couple of days I have been having dreams but they aren't really meaniful dreams just stupid stuff. The night before last I had a dream...don't laugh... I dreamed that this large like 6 ft. tall penis with legs was chasing me! Ok...laugh Of course someone would interpet this dream as being a fear of sex or penis' or something like that but I know it was just a silly dream cuz I have them all the time and after 40+ yrs. in life, 3 marriages, and several relationship penis' and sex isn't something I'm afraid of...LOL
Last night I had a dream that I well, I dunno either I was being chased or maybe it just appeared this way but anyway, I had this large big as me trying to meld with me. It was on my side trying to go in....hehe Of course this is all I remember of these dreams and as I said they are silly.

Well as far as other things....Jeff and Todd my stepsons just turned 18, and my ex mom in law who is like my mom just had a birthday too. I have been sick for over a month now with this darn infection and my poor lil girl(not really little) has been having troubles of her own. We are like two peas in a pod her and I and gosh I was hoping she wouldn't be sickly like me but it seems like she is and all things seem to be piling up on her. But, lemme just say that God is good and He has and will always take care of us. We can handle more than most because God has given us strength enough to go through the things we have. Last week she was diagnosed with Scoliosis and next week we have to go see a specialist. She's such a good girl she just takes all this stuff in stride and rarely complains.

I guess it just seems sometimes I write these things to myself but I hope that my kids will be able to look back on them and find some piece of info they may need in their lives one day. We should all remember to write things down for oour kids for when we are gone....your family history for things like sickness, diseases, and other problems, these are things your kids need to know and if you are gone they might not know write it down for your kids!!

Well, I need sleep now! Another day....