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Very late in posting

Well I got to thinking I hadn't updated this at all since the day before my surgery so I thought I would update it. I had my surgery on Dec. 18th and other than the fact that they had to resusitate me the first night I did just fine. I have had a difficult time keeping my food down now that I am on solids so I am going to start back on soft foods again tomorrow to see if that helps. Thus far I have lost 38 lbs. and have lost several inches in various places. Sierra had decided that when I had the surgery she too would start watching what she ate and she has lost 8 lbs.!

Sierra will be beginning strengthening therapy soon to get her prepared for surgery. We expect she will have surgery in late April or early May so that she can heal during the summer months. She is in alot of pain but that doesn't keep her from giving everyone a smile, a hug, and enjoying fun times with each other. I am very proud of her.

Tori, John Daniel's fiancee still hasn't had the baby yet but the doctor said it could be any time now. We are all excited and looking forward to our first grandchild. The kids are excited too and Tori is ready to get this little girl out of her!

We will finally be moving at the end of July and we couldn't be happier about it. The hard part though is trying to get this house in some shape in order to sell it and this will take alot of time since we don't have the extra money to invest in fixing it up further.

Well I am off to bed now, I have been so sick that all I want to do is sleep so I don't feel the pain. God Bless!