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December Already........

It's hard to believe it is already December.... Almost one month since we found our "house" and we're still waiting. The waiting is the hard part, I thought we were going to close today but things didn't work out that way. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday and we'll finally have the keys. I don't think Bobby understands the importance of this property to me. He had his house 10 yrs. before I moved in and in my eyes it will always be his house but this new place will be ours...mine, something that was never shared with a previous wife, something we worked for together.

Yesterday it was 69 degrees and tonight it is in the 30' or 40's, I seen snowflakes for a minute or two. My tortoises seem to be trying to hibernate in some sense, neither wants to eat much, while Speedy not at all and Rosie just half what she normally does. Both seem to want to burrow down in the dirt. I can relate to this, I went to the store today and thought I'd just die cuz it was so cold, my bones don't do cold very well.

sigh..... my fingers hurt, the medicine is starting to help but my fingers still ache....I'm going to have those permanent typist hands you know where they are all bent, noticed my first spur or bump or deformity from my gout on my finger recently, I can't straighten that finger no more at all.... guess I'll go to bed.