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Sometimes doing what is best isn't always the best feeling thing to do. Earlier this week we decided it would be best to sell our tortoises. I didn't want to sell them but with us gone to the farm and back I didn't feel it was right to keep upsetting their environment. I was sad yesterday after I shipped them off but today I'm downright heartsick. Sierra and I went to the store and we both felt sad when we were in the garden food section.

Even though I'm sad I do know they will be in great hands, I shipped to a friend I met on one of the turtle boards I am on and I know he really cares about the animals. He was excited to get them today too, tomorrow is his birthday so it was a nice present to himself. I hope that when we finally get moved down to the farm in a couple years I will be able to buy one of Rosie's babies from him and then we will be in a better place to care for them.

On the lighter side, we had an honest to goodness heavy snow hit us for about 20 mins. today. The flakes came down the size of quarters all in a frenzy only to melt when they hit the ground. I guess thats good for those of us who have to be out in it when it snows but for me, I'd love to have a good white covering knee deep for a couple days.

Well, I'm out...I guess I will go dream of snow. Tootaloo