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Down on the farm.....

We went down to "the farm" as Bobby has termed it today. It's funny I haven't quite found a name yet, I keep saying "our home" and "our other home", which seems to be more confusing. I will be happy when it is just "our home"!

This isn't the first time we have been down there since it was officially labeled ours but its the first day that really meant something. Bobby brought down the big John Deere and cut part of the grass. It's funny what you get use to, after living in the city with this little patch of grass in our back yard(less and a quarter acre) it takes alot longer when your looking at more acreage. They didn't even get a 3rd of it done but it still looks much better.

While they cut grass I cleaned the kitchen. The house has been empty for well over a year maybe two so everything is dusty and dirty. The kitchen cabinets though dirty look pretty new so I set out to clean them up real good. As I sit(sit? yes I'm lazy, I know) and clean the cabinets I can look out the doublehung windows and watch them as they cut the grass both of them smiling and having a good time and I realize how happy I am. I look around at this old country house with it's odd room arrangement and it's simple little shelf made out of 2 x 4's and I'm happy. In that moment I would have loved to called Mom to share this with her. I felt like a young married person who had just bought their first house and I wanted to call Mom and just tell her that we did good that this was perfect so she could be proud of her young daughter just out on her own. Of course that all sounds good even though I'm not young or just starting out on my own, we aren't looking at our whole life ahead of us, we are looking at middle but the sentiment is the same.

I remember when I was young and starting out buying my first house, I was happy to be on my own but I just wasn't happy. Stacy and I were married and we'd just bought our first house. Children dream of getting out on there own and I more than anyone wanted out, wanted to spread my wings and be gone but what did we do? We bought a house on the very same block I grew up on, this was not spreading my wings, heck I wasn't really leaving the roost I was just moving down the block! So many times I just wanted to move but Stacy wouldn't budge and I would get so frustrated. Later we divorced and of course I started all over. I guess I got to spread my wings then, I got to get out and be on my own and get away and but never quite felt at home. Even after I married Bobby who I love with all my heart, I moved into his house or rather the house that he bought for his first wife and he. It just never felt like it was mine, I didn't have a choice, there was no decision, no asking my opinion, just Bobby's house and still 6 yrs. later I catch myself calling it Bobby's house.
When I got my disability I made decisions on what we should do with the back payment, I wanted to pay off our bills, I wanted to buy some things for Bobby he'd never get for himself kind of like my way of paying him back for all these years he's taken care of me, and I wanted to hold tight onto part of it to find a house or some land just something I could say I owned, we owned... a conscience decision that I made to be sure we did not spend the money on anything other than a piece of property, some property. I looked so hard, I read through every advertisment, I scoured the internet, I looked at all the foreclosures and every weekend we went out looking more still.

Finally, in the last days of the buying season, we turned a corner after looking at some horrible foreclosed property and there was a for sale sign on the perfect property, our property. Granted from a outsider you might not see it as the perfect property but too us, this was it and of course we just knew we couldn't afford it but I called anyway and was so happy to hear it was in the right price range. The realtor had just left the property after putting the sign in the yard not 45 mins. before we got there. We looked at it the next day, we were the first ones to see the property but 2 other people came to look at it while we were still there, we told her we were ready to make an offer before we left that night and signed a bid contract the next day. The original asking price from the owners was $79,900 but when it foreclosed the bank set a price of $69,900. We bid a low price of $47,000 knowing they wouldn't accept it and they came back with a counter offer of $56,900, we then counter offered them $49,000. Finally they came back with an offer of $49,900 which we didn't hesitate to accept. To top it all off, the property appraised for $65k so we already hav $15k in equity!! I tell you all of that to tell you this, we didn't settle for just a piece of property, a piece of land, but we actually got all that we needed. We got a 30X40 pole barn that has been estimated to have cost around $30k, we got a small 3 bedroom house, an at least half acre or more pond plus in all there is 2.81 acres of land! I am so thankful, let me just say, Thank God, I mean, Thank God! I mean really, THANK GOD!! He blessed us so and we are not deserving but still He blessed us! In Louisville Metro, this would have cost a fortune!

So I am happy. I'll write more later.....g'nite!


A bittersweet day.....

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. My sister called and said she has a growth on her kidney(the bitter part) and theres a possibility of cancer. I try to be positive, after all this woman has been through so much and she comes through even stronger. I can think of different things in her life that has started out bad and ended up not being as bad as things seemed. She is a strong person and I love her so much. I always think how much I want her to find someone to love her and to take care of her, how I don't want to see her alone. I caught myself saying this to my husband yesterday when I realize and say that she does have someone to take care of her and who loves her more than anyone else possibly could and that person is God.
No one could ask for a better knight in shining armor I mean there is no greater than He. Then I tell my husband this as well and he agrees. He doesn't share my faith as strongly as I do but he is learning and sometimes I forget that it takes my simple way of saying something good about God that witnesses to him.

I pray that my sister will be fine, I believe that God will heal her and take care of her and as for my part I will pray and I will be strong for her. I was reading a devotional today and it had this scripture in it.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God." (Phil. 4:6)

How many times throughout my life does this scripture present itself to me and I realize that hardship is there so that we will pray and through prayer we will draw closer to God. Please keep my sister in your prayers if you are reading this.

After I spoke with my sister I had to get ready to go to the closing on our second home and finally it has closed! Yay!!(the sweet part) I thought this would never get done but finally it is ours. I've thought of what I would do the next day after it closes for a month now. I thought I'd get up early and go clean the house all up and get it ready for our visits. Well, it didn't happen today, I woke up at 8 am but have been miserable all day. Jeff has a virus and I guess I have gotten it too because I am sick now, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and other things. Of course this is of no surprise to me since I always catch everything, the wind blows past someone whose a mile up wind of me and by the time the breeze hits me I'm sick....hahaha Seriously though its because of my gout I get sick so easy. I am taking the Allupurinol for gout but for me it causes celulitus which I got this weekend doing our Christmas shopping...ugh....nasty looking stuff. On the good side though, Christmas shopping is almost done, just a few gift cards now and all we have to do is wrap or bag which is the lazy man's way of preferred method as well...hehe


December Already........

It's hard to believe it is already December.... Almost one month since we found our "house" and we're still waiting. The waiting is the hard part, I thought we were going to close today but things didn't work out that way. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday and we'll finally have the keys. I don't think Bobby understands the importance of this property to me. He had his house 10 yrs. before I moved in and in my eyes it will always be his house but this new place will be ours...mine, something that was never shared with a previous wife, something we worked for together.

Yesterday it was 69 degrees and tonight it is in the 30' or 40's, I seen snowflakes for a minute or two. My tortoises seem to be trying to hibernate in some sense, neither wants to eat much, while Speedy not at all and Rosie just half what she normally does. Both seem to want to burrow down in the dirt. I can relate to this, I went to the store today and thought I'd just die cuz it was so cold, my bones don't do cold very well.

sigh..... my fingers hurt, the medicine is starting to help but my fingers still ache....I'm going to have those permanent typist hands you know where they are all bent, noticed my first spur or bump or deformity from my gout on my finger recently, I can't straighten that finger no more at all.... guess I'll go to bed.