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Life happenings!

Wow I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated this blog with all the blogs I have it is so hard to keep up! Well I have finally done all the bells and whistles to get bariatric surgery and it's going to happen on Dec. 14th - 2 days from now!

I should be in bed but I am trying to get things all done for when I go to the hospital....its hard getting ready you just know your going to forget something! I went to the store today and spent $163.00 stocking up on things that would be easy for Bobby to fix while I am laid up. I also bought the kind of stuff I will be able to eat once I'm done. I'm finally just about done with Christmas shopping and I hope to wrap tomorrow sometime but I dunno if I will get it all done.

I have had emotional highs and lows as one can imagine. Last weekend Bobby spent the weekend alone at the farm and it was wonderful but as soon as we got on the road to come home my stomach was all in knots and I thought I might throw up. It's like a different world there. You know I am not afraid of dying its the people I leave behind that scares me so especially Sierra. She told me not so long ago that she'd just want to die if something happened to me. She is also going to be having spine surgery soon so I worry about not being there for her. But ya know God is good and He will provide, there are so many people praying for us!!

On the bright side, this surgery will be like a new birth for me, a chance to be able to spend more time doing stuff with my family, being there for John Daniel and Sierra since I didn't do a very good job of that while they were younger. And of course I need to be there for my grandbaby due in January. Well I guess that's it. I need to hit the hay. God Bless anyone who reads this.