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Finally a date for Sierra's Surgery

Well we officially have a date for surgery. She will be having 2 surgeries instead of one because her back is so curved to one side they will need to go into the front and then again into her back to put the rod in her back. She will be having the first surgery on April 28th and the 2nd one will be on May 5th. Due to the length between surgeries she will probably be in the hospital for 2 weeks or longer and she will be at Kosair.

She went to Dr. Boone's(cardiologist) office today to do a check up prior to surgery and he said her heart was doing great so this is one last thing to think about. She also got her braces off today which was the highlight of her day! This isn't something I want to see happen, I wish I could change it somehow take it all away so she never had to go through surgery again but its not in my hands but in God's. I am terrified but yet I know that God has always taken care of her.....somehow we will get through this. It's a time such as this that I find myself taking stock of my life and praying that what terrible things I have done He will forgive me for so that it doesn't cause her to have a bad time of it. Yet, I also know that it doesn't work that way and I guess my wrongs don't cause her life to be in turmoil but I am only human and cannot help think that way!

She is very adamant about her desire to go down to our future home and stay during her recovery...actually it wouldn't be just for her recovery I would imagine her and I would just go ahead and move but I fear being so far away from Kosair so I dunno what to do. I cannot see her going down there until she is at least on the mend but we will just wait and see. Of course this means she has less than 3 wks left of school now so she is always excited to get out of school..haha

Well that's it for now I will write more later. Take care! Kellie