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Life happenings.........

It's terrible to say but I just haven't been updating lately....we have been spending so much time at the farm that I just haven't logged on and posted my blogs. I have wrote them and they have been stored on my laptop but only now have I been able to update it and put it on my main computer so here goes.

April 1st 2007

Today is April Fool’s Day but I feel anything but foolish. Another weekend spent on the farm, each day bringing us closer to a decision to move for good. We feel such peacefulness here, even working on the place doesn’t bring us down but it brings us happiness knowing we are doing something that we’ve longed to do for so long. It’s exciting to walk the property everyday and find another new plant, flower, or tree we hadn’t seen before. Spring is causing everything to bloom and each day there is a new color blooming on our horizon.

Yesterday we went over to Shelbyville and bought some White Grass Carp, Catfish, and Bluegill to put in the pond. Fisheries usually go around to different places once a month offering their fish for sale. This one in particular was pretty cheap compared to the others so we decide to buy from him. It was a long drive back though and hardly any of the bluegill lived. Bobby released all of them into the pond and they headed off for deeper waters. I guess we will do this again next month in an effort to get this pond stocked. Last weekend I was down at the pond and seen several fish so I know that we do have some in there already. We also have frogs but I haven’t seen any turtles yet guess I will have to go adopt a couple and put them in the pond.

One of our neighbors came by yesterday and tried to pull the ugly boat out of the pond. Oh have I mentioned the ugly boat we had in there before? The people who owned this place before us basically polluted the pond because there is so much crap in it. We are slowly pulling things out, cutting down cattails, and just cleaning it up but it’s one heck of a job! The ugly boat is sticking out on one end of the pond, it looks like its about an 18 footer or so. I wouldn’t have figured it to be that big until he started pulling it out but every time he’d pull it out he’d get stuck and it would go back in. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there is a motor on the other end causing it to be so heavy. There are cattails inside the boat and a whole bunch of metal, maybe they didn’t intend for the boat to come out…I guess some people might find it neat for decoration….lol but I am not one of them. The people also had a deck on one end and some pool steps so I guess they swam in this pond but again I am not one of them who would ever swim in this water or any pond water for that matter!! I remember when I was a little girl I went camping with my best friend, Tina up to Butler State Park. They had a big lake there and had part of it partitioned off so you could swim. Well, I decided to go for a swim with Tina and started itching all over so I came back out of the water…I was covered in hives…so that pretty much ended my lake and pond swimming days!

It has rained both nights we have been here but when we get up in the morning the sun is shining so brightly…I wouldn’t have known it even rained had it not been for Bobby telling me. It’s funny how soundly I sleep her but yet at home I am up all hours of the night. I also sleep plenty of the day away at home but here, I find I am not depressed and I want to be up and enjoying the sun. Last weekend on our trip back home we seen a two seat swing that someone was throwing out for trash other than it being a little worn and the top cover ripped there was nothing wrong with it. So Bobby took the top off and put it on the trailer to bring back down here this weekend which he did. I had him sit it right out in the back not too far from the pond and I’ve already been out there enjoying the sun twice this weekend…even being sick with this cold I have hasn’t depressed me so to keep me from enjoying the beauty of the land.

It’s funny to think a change of scenery can change your whole way of life, how you feel and what you want out of that life. When you find you are at peace the things that seemed so important to you somehow fade in comparison. I’m an internet junkie, I sit at the computer all day if I am not asleep…sometimes I literally am just sitting…nothing to do, no one to talk to or even no interest in talking to anyone, just sitting. Here, I don’t miss the internet…yeah it would be nice to log on but being outside seems like a nicer thought…here I am not watching the world pass me by. At home I could go the whole weekend without so much as getting out of my pj’s, brushing my hair, or teeth, or even stepping out my door. No one would know I was there, I wouldn’t answer the phone if I didn’t feel like it and the only ones who would see me would be my family when they came in. This is the secret life I live at home, or rather the life I am not living. This is the secret life I don’t want any longer and I feel so upset sometime thinking that if I don’t make a change I will die in this life. I cried a couple weeks ago telling this to Bobby, I don’t think he realized how serious it was but it’s serious. This is why I so desperately need this change of scenery!!

May 6th, 2007

Wow, its been a whole month since I wrote anything. As usual we have spent every waking moment down on the farm trying to get it in shape. Almost all of those ugly cattails are gone now but the boat is still sticking its bow out of the water...waiting for a day when the ground finally dries out enough to try getting it out. Even though the boat is still there you can see a significant change, here is some before and after photos:

We have added fish to the pond twice now though in small amounts. Fortunately, with the days getting warmer the fish are starting to come out and we have seen so many fish and not just small fish either, we've seen 2ft. + sized largemouth bass and channel catfish. Even with the pond beginning to look good it seems there is still so much more to do with it. After cutting the cattails down the water is completely level with the ground and on the high side of the pond after it rained last night the water actually came up on the land but it is back down again today. It doesn't take long for cattails to grow again either as we have found out since they are about a foot or so tall again but at least they are green now and not that drab dead brown color. We are hoping in the next month or so to be able to line the pond with large gravel and nice pretty boulders, I think it will make the whole thing look much better plus will help keep the water from overflowing.

Sierra and I spent Friday night here but Bobby and Jeff went back home to Louisville to pick up some wood so they stayed the night. It was nice to spend some quality mother/daughter time together. Saturday, Bobby was driving down and happened to spy a turtle on the side of the road obviously in an attempt to commit suicide so he turned around and went back to get her. Yes, Bobby has been trained in turtle suiside intervention so he saved her right before a gruesome death. LOL He brought her home to me and I inspected her which is how I know it was a her and she actually looks great. She is about 7 or 8" in size and felt like she weighed about 3 or 4 pounds. So I took her down to the pond and released her on the island, it took some nudging but she finally jumped in the water. She played for quite awhile before disappearing to explore her new world but she seemed happy. This morning we were walking around the pond and spied her again, she stuck that head up as if to let us know she was ok. After that we discovered a baby turtle sitting on some pond scum in the deep end of the pond it was about the size of a quarter. Jeff had seen it last week but we just thought he was seeing things so we had to give it to him for actually being right for a change...hehe Of course since I love turtles anyway this just tickles me to death especially after not having my tortoises anymore. Both turtles we found are redeared sliders.

It is Sunday night here and things are winding down, the guys are trying to tear down the rest of the shed to put in the dumpster so I can call the city tomorrow and have it picked up. They will all be going home tonight but I am going to stay another night so that I can be here in the morning for the water company. We are finally going to get the water hooked up and God willing everything will work the way it is suppose will be nice to have a real bathroom that has a flushing toilet and a shower to be able to take a shower in. I will probably finish painting Sierra's room and do some other stuff to get this place looking better. We are looking forward to having our families down here for the first time next week end so we are really excited.