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Weird dreams and being forgetful!

As usual I don't seem to keep up with this thing. We have been so busy lately or at least my hubby is the busy one, I just watch or follow along...hehe We are forever remodeling the house, I swear I don't know if we will ever get it done but it is getting there. We recently had a bad roof leak so we had to have a new roof put on so hubby, God Bless his carpenter's soul, decided he would put a nice roof over our looks great and I can sit outside now and watch the rain and not get wet! It's great to have a handyman around the house!!

I'm so excited it's flea market season.....Yay!! We made our first rounds of the bigger flea markets, every year we get out of town because of Derby and go up to Ohio. If you are a flea market fanatic you need to go to Ohio! They have some awesome flea markets up there, Traders World, Turtle Creek, and Caesars Creek just to name a few. These are up between Cinci and Dayton and they are huge! While we were up there we went by the Solid Rock Church and I got out and took pics of their 61 ft. statue of Jesus, it is awesome. Here's a pic of it:
It's not the best pic, you can actually see better ones at the church website.

Well I guess I have blabbed enough about other stuff. Nothing exciting to tell about in dreams though.....I seem to go through stages where I dream or I don't dream. Lately I have been having dreams that for the most part I forget. This last dream I had it seems that there was this faraway island in the middle of water and someone though I cannot remember who, I think maybe my ex was exiled to. It seems that the person was exiled with nothing, not even their clothes and they were exiled to this little tiny house that they didn't fit in and they were all scrunched up inside. The person was hiding from the little people of the house and for some reason I came along and was trying to help them escape.

I want to try to remember to write things down so I will know what things mean to me in my dreams. Water seems to always be apart of my dreams. I often have dreams about the same thing, though right now I cannot think of any.

Anyway, that's it for now, I'm off to bed! Nite!