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Time seems to always being flying by!

I am such a slacker! I need to update this more but I seem to have too many projects going at once and never enough time to tend to them all....somewhere something is always getting left out of the loop as is the case with my blog.

So what's been up? I've been spending alot of time on my youtube videos for one thing, I also started another blog which seems to be woefully lacking in my attention, and then of course theres life. Life is good I'd say. Lucy is almost 2 months old and doing great and her parents have decided to make it official. On Saturday March 15, 2008 John Daniel and Tori will be getting married in a very small ceremony. I know they wanted to do it big but now isn't the time and they felt like it was more important to get married instead...I agree. It's hard to believe that my son is old enough to get married, let alone have a child but he is. He recently found him a good job and I hope that he truly loves it. They are good parents and I am so proud of both of them. I am not the best of granny so far as I have been sick and not spent much time with Lucy. I need to take her for a day and give them some alone time but my gosh it's been so long since I took care of a babykins that I worry about that.

Sierra goes to her spine doctor next week and we plan on him setting a date for surgery for April. She has to get it done now so that she won't be starting in a new school next year late...I don't want that for her because it makes it harder to start off late in the year in a new school. She has been going to therapy for 3 weeks now and has lost 2 additional pounds for a total of 12lbs. gone so far. She is beginning to have a shapely figure and is happy with that. The therapy will help to make the rest of her muscles stronger while she will not be able to rely on her back muscles during recovery. I know that this is something she doesn't want to go through but I am very proud of her for stepping up to the plate and being strong about all that she will have to endure. She is a very strong girl.

I am at a total lose of 66 lbs. now and my body is really beginning to show the lose, my skin is saggy and my boobs are getting pretty flat...thank God for plastic surgery cuz I am going to need it when I am all done:) I'm still struggling with my food and sometimes I still think I have a stricture but I am not sure. I was suppose to go to the doctor yesterday but I didn't make it. One thing that is crazy is my sleep pattern, I tend to sleep for a couple hours and then pull an all's not that I want to but it's that I can't seem to sleep even with medicinal help.

Jeff and Todd will be 19 yrs. old on Friday and Sue will have a birthday on Saturday, the same day the kids are getting married. We are planning on getting Todd and spending a couple days with him, we have not had him since December so it will be good to have him home. Jeff and Cody broke up so he is single again and needs to find a hobby...gosh we love him but it has taken a toll on us and our alone time, I miss my time with Bobby and we are in a time where we really need to focus on our relationship because of all the changes and stress we have been under. Come July I will be in Bardstown full time and he will be in Louisville full time finishing up the house getting it ready to rent out so its crucial for us to devote some time to ourselves as the following months will be so difficult.

Well I guess that is it for now, I am making a new dish so I need to go finish it up. Please be sure to check out my new blog.... and also check out my 50 videos I have on youtube as well I have some pretty silly stuff up there...I guess my silly side is beginning to show now that I am not so worried about what people will think of this fat girl being silly.

Peace Out!