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My sad moments......

I was on you tube tonight looking at a video of a laproscopic gastric bypass. After I watched it I start looking at all of the other surgery type videos and came across this one: don't click on that yet til you know what it is. This is a video of one girl's story about having spine surgery to correct scoliosis.

Sometimes I do think it's good to see what someone else has gone through before a person goes through the same thing themselves because it does prepare you. I cried watching this video because I know Sierra is going to have to go through this soon and its going to be so hard for her. I thought open heart surgery was bad but this is real bad, its not like open heart surgery where she went back to school in 6 wks. It's an entire lifestyle change, its something that just won't heal in a short amount of time it will take 6 to 8 mos. to heal. This girl in the story had surgery 4 mos. ago and is still out of school. My heart hurts for Sierra, I want to cry just thinking of the suffering she will have to go through. I also want to prepare her but yet I don't want to scare her.

I know that alot of non-believers would wonder why does she have to suffer so much and blame God. I don't understand why she has to suffer so much but I know it's not God's wishes for her to suffer, on the contrary God wants to show us a miracle and I know that He has showed us miracles over and over again in our lives. I am thankful for those miracles..... some people go through life in such a hurry or with such unbelief that they never see a miracle but if you slow down and take the time to look you will see miracles happening all around you. I do know that God will get us through this just like He always has but I also know it's alright to be afraid and sad because someone I love has to suffer through something like this.