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Work on the Louisville house

Well we finally had the carpet laid and the upstairs is coming right along. What we have left to do in the bedrooms is connect the electricity, hang the ceiling fans and put up the border in Sierra's room and decide if we will put up wallpaper on the green wall in our room. Of course this is only the bedrooms, we still have to finish the floor, walls, and some of the ceiling in the hall. Finishing means we still need to paint walls and put the wood paneling we are using on the lower half. The bathroom needs to be painted as well and the stairs need to be carpeted.

I am attaching two videos one of Sierra's room and one of ours. The first one up is the master bedroom.

This next one is of Sierra's Room.

I also have pictures which you may be able to see better. If you'd like to see them click the link below.

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More to come......