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Do you ever get bored? Gosh I do, matter of fact its late and I should be in bed but I'm not cuz I'm bored. I'd like to be down on the farm but I'm not unfortunately. We went down there yesterday and dag gone it got stuck in the mud...haha I had to laugh though Bobby was fit to be tied. I know when he gets mad I should just keep my mouth shut but ya know I'm such an noticed those 3 letters "sti" it stands for "stinker"...hehe I'm a stinker and I sure do enjoy instigating things sometimes.
Life can be too serious and ya just have to let go and be a stinker once in awhile:p

You know how to really annoy someone? Log onto yahoo or aol and wait about 5 mins. and then log off again, then log back on, and then off again, they get so annoyed because your name keeps popping up. Or if ya wanna be mean, type a message to someone like you are talking about someone else and your talking about the person you actually send it too....then im them back and say "oops I sent the wrong message to you" ... hehe see I'm a stinker:)