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Sometimes doing what is best isn't always the best feeling thing to do. Earlier this week we decided it would be best to sell our tortoises. I didn't want to sell them but with us gone to the farm and back I didn't feel it was right to keep upsetting their environment. I was sad yesterday after I shipped them off but today I'm downright heartsick. Sierra and I went to the store and we both felt sad when we were in the garden food section.

Even though I'm sad I do know they will be in great hands, I shipped to a friend I met on one of the turtle boards I am on and I know he really cares about the animals. He was excited to get them today too, tomorrow is his birthday so it was a nice present to himself. I hope that when we finally get moved down to the farm in a couple years I will be able to buy one of Rosie's babies from him and then we will be in a better place to care for them.

On the lighter side, we had an honest to goodness heavy snow hit us for about 20 mins. today. The flakes came down the size of quarters all in a frenzy only to melt when they hit the ground. I guess thats good for those of us who have to be out in it when it snows but for me, I'd love to have a good white covering knee deep for a couple days.

Well, I'm out...I guess I will go dream of snow. Tootaloo


This is such a cute video

I don't know if I can post this but I am going to try. This is a video I found on called, "do you speak cat?" This cat makes the funniest noises:)


Country New Year

Happy New Year! We spent our New Year in the country. This was our first weekend at the new house. After a week of running back and forth getting the electric set up it was finally done on Friday so Saturday bright and early we drove down to "the farm". One thing is for sure is we will need a car with better gas mileage, though I love my truck it will kill us in gas. Just this weekend I put 500+ mi. on it and at least $80 in the gas tank, I'm sure I did the same last week but for the life of me I cannot remember how many times I filled up.

We have alot of work ahead of us but we did manage to get a few things done. Bobby reconnected some wires the electrician forgot to do and went about fixing electrical outlets, prepping the heater, securing his pole barn while I worked on putting up curtains and arranging some of the little bit of furniture we have. Jeffrey and Sierra went with us but Sierra spent the weekend at her cousins which made her day. On New Years Eve we celebrated by sleeping...hehehe some partiers huh? Since we only have the hideabed right now we slept on it and Jeff made a pallet on the floor. With him on the floor I didn't want to sleep without a bra on but halfway through the night I gave in and took it off and stuck it under my pillow.
The next day I ask Bobby if children get money under their pillow when they loose a tooth and put it under their pillows at night; What did I get for putting my bra under my pillow at night? I laughed so hard just trying to ask him this I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard, they started laughing because I was laughing, finally after I got it out he said, "bigger boobs!" That's so typical of him to say that......haha I just said, "oh no, I'm fully loaded already, I don't need no more!" Of course someone had to make the snide remark about me being fully loaded after what I had for dinner....hehe they are so silly!

Well there was nothing really exciting to tell about being down on the farm although we did find something interesting. I was standing in the laundry room when I noticed this big round lump on one end of the room and I asked Bobby what it was, so he tapped on it and it sounded hollow sounding. So they pulled back the carpet to find what looked like a sewer cover, he opened it up and said that it was a well. This well was at least 5 feet deep, 7 ft. wide, and 12 ft. long!!! Of course that led to conversations all weekend on how we could hide each other in the well and no one would ever find us!! To think we love each other too....hehe we do, we just joke around about stuff like that. When they pulled back the carpet you could see the sides of the wall where they didn't cover it with anything and if you wanted to stick your hands or arms down in the wall you could reach the crawlspace underneath. This will definitely be a site of contention with me because I am sure every bug and animal will be crawling through that hole as soon as it warms up a bit. Why did I think I wanted an old farm house in the country for? What was I thinking????? Bobby already came in the house with a big red spider crawling on his back, I'd have had a heart attack if I had seen it! Whew!! Country fun! Well, I'm out! G'Nite