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This and that....

Today Bobby, my beloved turned 44 yrs. old. Jeff wanted to take Bobby out today for dinner but he didn't feel like going so instead we had white castles...oh boy what a wonderful birthday I did take him to TGIFridays for his birthday friday night and it was soo good! After that we drove down to the house for the weekend but we didn't spend much time there. Saturday morning we took off for Bowling Green to go to the flea markets and Sunday we drove around scouting out some other ones not to far all we put over 437 miles on the truck. Phew!

We found this wonderful lake that I'm sure now that we know where it's at we will be hanging out there some next summer and its not to far from the house either! Here's some pics click on the pic to see the rest: Image hosted by
by bakersbazaar

Tomorrow is my day I go in for my nutritional class and my pyschological evaluation, the later one scares me to death so I think I'll just let one of my multiple personalities take over for just joking there's no one in this head but me and if there was I'm sure by now they'd all have run off trying to escape me! Once this procedure is over with I will be scheduled with the doctor to set up an appointment for surgery. Yeah!!